What We've Done. What We're Doing. 


Over the past 10 years, Mic Check has grown from a small, student run organization into a full 501c3 non-profit. We're dedicated to bringing the art and freedom of the spoken and written word to the B/CS community and with that, providing a platform for those individuals to turn themselves inside out on the stage and watch the words they spill out fill the four corners of a tiny bar in Bryan, Texas and flood the ears of those who listen. 

While Revolutions is our home, Mic Check is larger than any one location. We gather up the art we make and consume each week and overflow into the city around us because we believe that art is important to growth, culture, and healing.  By holding writing workshops once a week for the community as well as our open mic poetry night we hope to foster the creativity within each other.

In addition to this, we also hold writing workshops with the Brazos Juvenile Justice Center every fall. Many young people today are told to keep quiet but, with poetry, we are able to remind these kids that they have a voice and that their voice is important. 

Connecting youth with art is vital to our beliefs and this lead to the start of Speak Up! Speak Out! , which Mic Check hosts for free every summer. Youth teams from around Texas and beyond come together to compete before heading to Brave New Voices, the national youth poetry festival. 

Not only does Mic Check host these and other community events throughout the year, but every fall, we host the largest poetry festival in the state of Texas: Texas Grand Slam!  

Mic Check is also looking forward to the start of a youth poetry scene within the Bryan/College Station area this spring of 2016.