OFFICER APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN: The officers will serve in their position for the 2017 year, from December 15, 2016 to December 15, 2017. If there is an extended time period that you will not be present in the BCS area, please talk to the President or Vice-President to see if something can be arranged. The officer applications will be a three step process: application, interview with the President and Vice-President, and anonymous poll from the Mic Check community. Applications are due Saturday, November 5th, 2016 at 11:59 PM. Interviews will be held the following week after. During this time, polling will be active online through an anonymous Google form. 

Below, you will find the applications for the positions along with a job description. Since applicants may apply for more than one position, please fill out multiple responses to the questions asking why you are qualified for each position.

WORTH NOTING: There are several positions that also have a Deputy position available, those being Merchandise, Marketing, Operations, and Community Outreach. These deputies will assume all the same responsibilities of the Director, and will assist in accomplishing the relevant tasks involved. IF YOU ARE ONLY APPLYING FOR A DEPUTY POSITION: fill out the Director application, answer the questions accordingly, and write-in "Deputy of [position]" as desired position. Those who are not selected as directors may be offered a Deputy position.

The Officer Description document below contains a timeline, the process, and descriptions of each position. There you will find where and when to send in your application. Please read it before filling out an application. Refer to it for any questions you may have.  

2017 Director Application - 2017 Director Descriptions

Writing Director:

·      Oversee and manage bi-monthly writing sessions (at minimum)

·      Must report to Mic Check email with lesson plans once a month

·      Design new, interesting prompts for writing sessions - both specific to poetic subjects such as language, imagery, movement, etc, and broad in scope: “write about an experience you had at this age”, etc.

·      Attempt to use at least 1-2 model poems for each session. Design writing sessions to not only inform participants in the craft of writing, but also of important poets and poetry they might have not been aware of.

·      Encourage poets to share their writing session work at Sunday open mic – design ways in which to accomplish this.

·      Facilitate a safe space for poets to create and critique and learn about poetry.

·      Coordinate with the Marketing Deputy to create Facebook events for special sessions and the like.

·      Oversee and train a “workshop family” to carry out the above tasks - they are especially encouraged to create and lead their own writing workshop.

·      Manage


Slam Master (In congruence with the President and Vice President):

·      Oversee Monthly Poetry Slam

o   Organize system to keep track of who is slamming in preparation for the Mic Check Poetry Slam Team Slam-off

·      Research regional slams for the team to participate in

o   Make contact with other slammasters to keep us in the loop

·      Work with Coach & team to create a budget for anticipated Slams

·      Organize feature tour for the slam team over the summer.

·      Oversee and manage monthly performance sessions

o   Performance workshops to serve as a practice/learning space

·      Must report to Mic Check email with lesson plans once a month

·      Work with members of community on workshopping their existing//new pieces

·      Encourage members to perform during open mics and slams


Director of Community Outreach:

·      Create and manage an email list on

·      Organize special Mic Check events, which may or may not include writing/sharing poetry, in which new members are encouraged to socialize and get to know the community better (think – meet at Sweets for studying / hanging out)

·      Approach and welcome new poets and members to the Mic Check community at our open mics, writing sessions, etc. Immediately encouraging them to join the Facebook group and providing them any other means to get involved with Mic Check.

o   Includes having a team to greet people at Mic Check

·      Create other events to expose Mic Check to the larger community,

·      Coordinate with the Special Events Director to create poetry and non-poetry events that benefit the community, or feature a primarily socially-conscious cause.

o   Examples of this in the past include the To Write Love On Her Arms benefit, Brazos Valley Food Bank drives, etc.

·      Communicate with organizations interested in having poets perform in their spaces

o   Create avenues for poets to find places to perform their work outside of Mic Check

Ensure that Mic Check is consistently maintaining a safe space for poets and audience members (Think anonymous surveys, or actually asking people how they feel).


Director of Marketing: (along with a Marketing Deputy)

·      Work on brand of Mic Check

·      Create graphic designs for social media

·      Organize with Merchandise Director to push Mic Check Brand

·      Will be point of contact for advertising for Mic Check, SUSO, TGS via-

o   Facebook

o   Twitter

o   Instagram

o   Magazines

o   Newspapers

o   Radio Stations

·      Conduct flyer raids and handbill sessions on campus to inform the student body of Mic Check - at least 1-2 times per semester.

·      Manage

·      Will post on Mic Check’s social media accounts – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

·      Use these mediums to also disseminate information regarding Mic Check and our events - open mics, slams, etc.

·      Create Facebook events for any and all upcoming programs/features/slams the first week of the month that the scheduled event happens.

o   Coordinating with Special Events Director to have bios and bio pictures prepared for features each month.

·      Coordinate with other directors to promote other events they have created, and discuss the best means to advertise their event.

·      Deputy to assume all of these responsibilities along with the Director.

Director of Merchandise (along with aMerchandise Deputy)

·      Control Mic Check’s merchandise inventory, communicating with the Marketing Director to create and/or purchase new products for sale when needed, as well as keeping stock of current inventory.

·      Carefully maintaining current inventory in their possession.

·      Oversee the sale of product at Mic Check and elsewhere by setting up merch table, carrying out credit card sales, and carefully controlling and reporting flow of money.

·      Report profits/expenses to & every Sunday and as needed.

·      Oversee and instruct team to run merch table, sell product, count inventory/sales, etc.

·      Schedule team members to work merch sale each week, and can guarantee that it will be taken care of.

·      Be point-of-contact for graphic designers and any other creators of new merchandise.

·      Will run merch on Sundays if no one else is available

·      Deputy to assume all the responsibilities along with the director. 


Director of Special Events:

·      Creation and execution of themed slams, to happen each month, coordination with the Slam Master

·      Will organize the booking of feature poets at Mic Check Poetry

o   Will maintain at most two features a month

o   Will organize hometown hero features

·      Will serve as co director of TGS for 2016 with President and Vice President

o   Create TGS teams to accomplish all tasks so that each event is successful

·      Will serve as Director of SUSO, with Youth Director as Co-Director

·      Coordinate with Community Director to carry out the logistics of special events, making sure they are inclusive of the community.

·      Coordinate with Community Outreach to create monthly themed community-building events, featuring a food potluck or whatever else might come to mind.

·      Will maintain and 


Director of Operations (along with an Operations Deputy)

·      Ensure the successful maintenance and operation of Mic Check’s sound and light equipment (including the items listed below:)

·      Promptly access and return equipment in storage shed as needed, i.e. weekly for Mic Check open mic. Possess and keep close track of the storage shed key/lock.

·      Arrive at venue with equipment 30 minutes early and have everything - equipment, seats, merch table, etc - set up and functional at ten minutes before announced starting time. For open mic at Revolution, this means arriving at 8 pm and finish setting up at 8:15. When event is finished, promptly tear down equipment and return to storage unit as soon as possible.

·      Report any maintenance issues to President and Vice President and seek to correct them - replacing lightbulbs, taking speakers in for repair, etc.

·      Train Mic Check members in all operations and develop a reliable team to carry out above tasks.

·      Schedule members to be on operations duty each week, and guarantee that there are no less than three members present at any event to handle operations (setting up, taking down, transporting equipment, etc.) Members should adhere to the above requirements on when to arrive and when to finish setting up (30 minutes early, 15 minutes before starting time.)

·      Train and schedule team members to run sound, play music, make sure that a member is present at all events to DJ and work the sound board if need be.

·      Do the same for other duties in regards to slams: train and schedule score/ timekeepers for slams, as well a pick judges and inform them as needed before the slam begins.

·      Deputy to assume all of these responsibilities along with the Director.


Youth Director

·      Serve as Co-director for regional youth slam, SUSO

·      Work with President on youth workshop opportunites

o   This includes K-12 workshops in CSISD and BISD

o   As well as ART FOR LIFE program at the Juvenile Justice Center

o   Work to reach out to disenfranchised youth in the area

·      Organize a monthly youth open mic for youth 13-19

·      Coordinate with slam master to organize Youth Slam team

·      Maintain safe space for youth at Sunday night shows

·      As the first of it’s nature, Youth Director will mold this position and set precedence for future Youth Directors of Mic Check Poetry